Financial Crisis: Akilaria RC1 hull number 41 is for sale

Financial Crisis, sail number 41, registered name "Mowgli" is for sale by
owner. Currently engaged in the Global Ocean Race the boat is viewable at
any of the remaining stopovers, Wellington, Punta del Este, Charleston or
Europe at the end of the race with an opportunity for the new owner for a
test sail or even joining one of the remaining legs of the race as

I have invested all my funds in putting together this campaign, but
unfortunately I am struggling to see the race through having been unable
to raise any further sponsorship since leaving Palma.

The albatrosses are getting bigger - is that good or bad?

We've now been at sea for 8 days, many of which are just a blur. In the
last few we've been reaching in fairly stable winds and it gets a bit
monotonous. I'm in no way complaining as it looks like we're going to get
our backs kicked in a few days by a cold front with strong and gusty winds
so we may as well enjoy the easy ride for now.

I've taken the chance to eat more than in the previous days and add as
much as possible to the rest and energy bank as i'm sure we still have to
see a lot worse than so far.

Our distance to Phesheya has been fairly constant but we've lost VHF and
AIS contact which is a shame as a friendly voice in the middle of the
ocean really makes your day.

Deep ocean match racing continues

It's another pleasant sail today in the Southern Ocean, reaching west in
warm Northerly winds. We are sailing with Phesheya Racing in sight just
behind our stern now, we chatted on VHF a few times exchanging jokes and
banter, which is really nice, sharing the adventure with your competitors
i think is part of this great race.

On the VHF chat we all expressed our gratitude for the extremely nice
conditions that we are being blessed with and which should be with us
another while still as it seems we'll manage to keep with this weather
system for a few days... we really cannot complain.

Southern Ocean randez vous between Financial Crisis and Phesheya Racing

After six days of racing i have a sense of deja vu, the three new boats
are at the front and here futher back we are nearly in visual contact with
Phesheya Racing which is about 7 miles to our port, we had a brief radio
chat and as we are converging we should actually see them pretty soon...
the same had happened by the Gibriltar and again by the coast of Morocco
in leg one. The two boats are same design and same speed and it makes it
real special in the solitude of the Southern Ocean to have your fellow
racers and friends close by...

It's another very pleasant sunny day and we should enjoy stable and
relatively light conditions for a few days ahead.

A welcome break in hot sunshine and gentle winds

After days of being punished and thrown around things have definitely
turned for the better, we have emerged from our dry suits stinking like
dead rats and are enjoying a lovely spinnaker run in a hot sunshine and
gentle 20-25 knots of wind. I guess conditions like this will be
exceptional but who says we cant enjoy them while they last.

Both Hugo and I have found ourselves needing quite a lot of catching up
with sleep but feeling a million times better every time we squeeze in a
few restful hours. I still think the emotional roller coaster of the first
few days was a combination of fear of the unknown, apprehension and
immediate physical exhaustion while being thrown around in wet horrible

The way to diet: Non surgical gastric bands

If you are looking at a non-surgical equivalent to a gastric band look no
further, come to the great south where we'll make you feel a constant knot
around your stomach to lose weight. In the past few days it's been either
windy or freaking windy, and as far as I understand this still absolutely
nothing compared to what we might get.

Yesterday we got caught small spinnaker up in a front with gusts up to 45
knots and had to wrestle the thing down, we just discussed the strategy
for the night and we really have to balance speed with safety and gear
preservation, it still is a long long way to Wellington and with no land
in sight any major breakages would mean a very very long limp to the

Finally flying in the right direction after a windless night

We spent the night in a windless hole with a 2-3 knots current dragging us
west, we can only blame lack of research and preparation for not knowing
about this adverse river in our way, i guess everyone had to cross it but
we certainly got the worst of it as we had no wind at all to reach the
other side of the stream. In the morning the wind finally filled, we
initially hoisted the A2 masthead spinnaker, but quickly the wind clocked
to the south west and the angle was too shy.

An emotional roller coaster in the grips of the south easterlies

I didnt have the easiest of starts, mentally, I think the stress in
getting things ready in Cape Town wore me out and I have to admit to a
very tough first 48 hours.

A tough start for leg 2 of the Global Ocean Race

We're at sea admiring a beautiful sunset and in the distance we can just
make Cape Good Hope that we are leaving behind us, this will most likely
be the last piece of land we'll see till we arrive in New Zealand.

My mood the day of the start was far than relaxed. I was apprehensive and
my mouth was dry, we are venturing towards the mysterious Southern
Ocean... The first night was tough, after a light patch of wind west of
Cape Town in the lee of Table Mountain the dreaded South Easter was
blowing 25-30 knots right on our noses and beating into the horrible seas
was many degrees of separations away from the word pleasant.

Marco Nannini and Hugo Ramon ready to set off for leg 2 of the Global Ocean Race

I cannot believe it has been over three weeks since we arrived to Cape Town, time seems to have dissipated like the clouds that blow over Table Mountain when the Southeaster blows hard in Town. Repairs to the boat were finally completed just a few days ago, the food supplies replenished and the boat checked over for signs of wear and breakages. Tomorrow we'll finally set off for one of the two dreaded Southern Ocean legs, apprehension always lingers at the back of your mind but this is what we came to experience.

Fear and loathing in the oceans

Today we waited for a chap nicknamed Godot, who was going to score us some E's, the easterlies winds. Chap pretty unreliable, showed up very late and brought all sort of light stuff, we asked where is the heavy stuff and he said none till later in the week, sold all he had to some young guys, we said what young guys, he says a kiwi and a spanish guy took all his E's and then disappeared, disappeared which way we said, Godot said they had a small two seater plane and flew south. Clubby got a bit irritated by the dude and started wielding a knife again, he has a party to go to at that new drum&bass place they opened South side, the Doldrums, and promised all his mates he'd score the E's by this afternoon.

Clubby steers through the light airs and Readies for his Brek

When the wind goes light i'm not allowed anywhere near the helm, Paul says
Clubby with a
blindfold steers a straighter line in these conditions, so we left Clubby
really hard and doing a great job - he doesn't even need feeding as he catches
the flying
fish as they jump out of the water and swallows them alive never leaving the

Today it's clearly Sunday, it's 3pm and i've been in my pants all day,
slouching around
most of the morning and when it came to lunch Paul and I had to poke each
others with
sticks to find the energy to open a tin of sardines served on stale bread, call

There are no signs of life anywhere around us, not a single ship for two days
now, so last
night we entrusted Clubby to most of the night time watch keeping whils

From Endeavour Quay to the Doldrums, a tale of great support

The heat has come to be almost unbearable, i drag myself around the boat
like an old dog, looking for a spot where to doze off for the next hour, i
close my eyes and wake up in a sweat, confused, weak, i stand up and
almost collapse with low pressure, i drink another huge glass of water and
repeat the cycle.

We gybed twice today, twice we moved all the stack below, in the furnace.
The wind is getting lighter and lighter and there's little we can do other
than press on and hope we can cover the next 500 miles to the doldrums
without going insane or getting stuck in a windless zone.

We keep chasing Cessna, they invested yesterday in some miles going west,
which clearly looks good today, with the wind getting lighter and ligher
in the east, but the separation is not enormous an

Marco Nannini will fly Slovak flag around the world

On sunday september 25th 2011, 6 international teams have crossed the start line of the Global Ocean Race 2011/2012, the double handed round the world race for class40 sailing yachts. Among the skippers, Marco Nannini and Paul Peggs who will carry the logo of the Office for Slovak national living abroad (USZZ) and will fly the Slovak national flag at each stopover.

Land Ahoy! Flying sushimi

Land Ahoy! We are approaching the Ilha de Sao Vicente in the Cape Verde's archipelago from the north and we've had great trouble spotting it even just 10 miles away, a thick mist hangs over the horizon giving a sense of asphyxiation in the incredible heat... now we can make two round rocky tops. "A pair of tits!" shouted Clubby the Seal who's been in better spirits today after finally fetching some flying sushimi. He had the fish raw with just a touch of lime and olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. "They were tiny ones, babies, innocent, soft and juicy, amuse bouche volant...".

Finding our way towards the doldrums

We've had mixed feelings all day about the route to follow, Cessna seems
now committed to go west of the Cape Verde's which may be a successful
flier considering that both Campagne de France and BSL have slowed down
since reaching the archipelago.

Trying out new radical boat surfing techniques

All well on board "Financial Crisis", we enjoyed the fast sailing
conditions of last night although I felt we didn't make the most of it at
all times. Our choices are always driven by a very conservative approach,
what we have on board has to last the whole race, with no title sponsor
and no budget left for repairs or new sails we decided after sunset when
the wind started to gust over 25 knots to change down from the big
spinnaker to the more robust fractional spinnaker to avoid any risk of
damaging the more delicate sail. This proved over zealous, the wind didn't
quite build much further and in the morning we reverted to the bigger
spinnaker having however dropped almost 15 miles to Cessna Citation, a
hefty price to pay for safety.

Shocking pictures reveal abuse of taxpayer's funds in "Financial Crisis"

This morning the world has woken up to shocking images revealing that the
emergency rescue funds donated via Paypal by tax-paying law-abiding
citizedns to Global OCean Race entry "Financial Crisis" may have in fact
slipped through the tight controls imposed by regulators since the
beginning of the economic downturn and misused to fund the high flying
lifestyle of senior managers of the offshore entity. Vice President clubby
was pictured collapsed in the cockpit of the company's yacht after a night
of excesses.

Described by many as irrespectful party animal, Clubby has issued a
statent to clarify the situation "I was standing in the cockpip with a cup
of tea admiring the beautiful sunset when the boom came flying across in a
crash gybe and hit me on the head.

Mauritanian local fishing community is not to blame for Piracy

Several of the Global Ocean Race competitors have reported being
approached by suspicious vessels in the proximity of the Mauritanian
coast, Paranoia or Piracy? This is a serious issue which has been in
the mind of competitors for several days. One instance gave rise to a
chase where Campagne de France sped off under masthead spinnaker leaving
behind a rusty fishing boat that had been following them for hoursoffering
the latest Blockbusters on DVD. "Zhey only had stupid american films, what
i look for is zhe coolness of film noire or zhe intellectual challenge of
a film d'avant guarde... I hate all zhose romantic comedies" commented a
rather shocked Halvard Mabire.

Global Ocean Race, rankings and musings after a week at sea

We've now been sailing for exactly a week, a week since we left Palma in
an emotional afternoon saying our goodbyes to family and friends, tearful
eyes, a bit of apprehension but lots of anticipation ahead of the trip of
our lifetime.

First few days in the med passed in a blur, lots of favourable winds meant
we were literally rigurgitated in the open Atlantic, since then going
south not much wind, hot and peaceful, just lots of light patches to sail
through and quite a few sail changes.

There is more wind in my pants than in the whole of the Canaries

It's been a slow day of the Global Ocean Race trying to get the boat
moving in patchy airs topping 3-4 knots, a cloudy morning meant that none
of the typical sea-breezes formed during the day over Lanzarote, so we
were left floating about like the many turtles we have seen in the area.
Typically frustration and desperation are common feelings in these
conditions but Clubby cheered us up with its total lack of knowledge of
the basic laws of physics, running up and down the deck armed only with
its enthusiasm and a 12v electric fan trying to get some wind into the
sails... eventually, exhausted, Clubby sat down and solemnly declared
"there is more wind in my pants then in the whole of the Canaries".

A few lines of Peruvian keep spirits high in "Financial Crisis"

Today it has been as uneventful as watching grass grow. We debated for
ours which side of an island 100 miles away we were going to pass, then we
rested some more. The only excitement has been the close encounter with a
fishing boat, unusually small for the distance from the coast, no Radar,
no AIS.

GOR Rankings Correction

Global Ocean Race official rankings have been unrealiable all day today,
the problem was spotted earlier when Cessna Citation and us on Financial
Crisis started swapping positions, when in fact nothing had changed on the

The latest position report throws us back 160 miles in 5th, to trail the
leaders by 208 miles when in fact we are still 4th some 50-60 behind
Campagne de France.

The IT department at Geovoile, providers of the tracker, were promptly
alerted and all hands are at work to solve the problem, meanwhile on
board, everytime we receive the position report we have to ask Clubby the
seal to re-calculate the rankings for us and can confirm that at 2100 UTC
the rankings were:

1st Campagne de France
2nd Eric Tabarly
3rd Joshua Slocum
4th Donald Crowhurst

Life aboard "Financial Crisis" in Leg one of the Global Ocean Race.

All is good on board "Financial Crisis", I guess we are starting to settle
in life at sea, it's been very good since leaving the med, very little
work compared to the constant sail changes before Gibraltar, here we spend
most of the time taking turns trimming the sails but letting the autopilot
steer, which seems the more efficient option, so we can recharge our
batteries and rest a little.

Food has been very good, the morning bowl of Ready Brek has become my
favourite, i've had my portion just before sunrise, during the dogs hours
watch. Today we had brunch with eggs and bacon, an exception just for the
first week and will have an early dinner, probably some pasta as we've had
freeze dried for main meals for two days.

Diplomatic incident endangers Global Ocean Race team lives

"Clubby the seal", the mascotte on board "Financial Crisis", last night
went off on a violent rampage after reading a media report calling him a
"soft toy". The Global Ocean Race team of Marco Nannini and Paul Peggs
feared for their lives as they were held hostages for hours on their racing
yacht after the seemingly innocent looking seal lost its temper over the
media slander.

Yesterday just after 1800 hours we all sat in the cockpit to read the news
of the day, one particular email from Global Ocean Race Communications
team sent Clubby in a fuming rage, we had to use he Category zero
watertight doors to separate ourselves from the evil mammal, who run
around shouting bad words and yielding a stanley knife.

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