Daily stats

Found some wind, not sure if this is to last or short spell, trying to
make the most of it...

To be quite honest i hope web logs are as legal as paper ones as there
isnt much scribbled in mine... i've written everything here! so, i
forgot to update my daily runs!

today a bid disappointing given the following winds, i did however
invest in some southing that does not really show on the run... but well
ahead of target.

Dolphins, not again

As i explained a couple of days ago i have a pretty strange relationship
with sighting dolphins, each time i do something happens... i had not
seen dolphins in earnest since the start of the race, one or two
occasionally and those funny botte head ones i described. today a good
score came to visit, and i thought, what now.

End of bliss

officially into the light airs just after passing a black cloud, now on
a broad beat under flat A1 assymmetric, managing 5kt, 6-8 knots of wind.

Turkish bath

it's either me becoming immune to low temperatures or this is really
some bizarre weather, wet wet wet and gray, damp like a turkish bath,
everything dripping with moisture, 5 buckets of water for every cubic
meter of air but the strange thing is that it is actually really warm,
despite a northerly wind. I checked and i have not sailed into gulf
stream, water temp 13.7 celcius.

Back in fourth

after much struggle i'm glad to see i'm back in 4th overall in IRC, one
at a time, next target La Promesse, now that we are getting headed there
is no more double digit speeds for the big boys, beating it's my chance
to catch up.

Beagle on rail tracks

I am gliding effortlessly at fantastic speed, a combination of wind that
backed a little meaning the sails are set for a broad reach, and a sea
left from a more north easterly direction, the noise is distinctively
that of skying downhill in the alps.
The log is stuck above seven for minute after minute, gently rising as
the wave pushes, but this time, without a surf and stop effect, the
speed on gps goes 7, 8, 9 sometimes 10 then gently back to 7 and

Strange creatures lurking around

I passed what appeared to be a satellite dish with a fin stuck to its
back, pattern looked like tortoise, but more fishy and with fins rather
than shell and legs.

Burglar alarm, please call the technician

I keep on using my super loud alarm, the screaming meanie, set for 80
minutes exactly (mid-atlantic with now one around)... i'm now tuned in
and tend to wake up 10 minutes before, suggesting my full
polyphasic sleep cycle is of 70 minutes.

Beagle bites Jager

Please to see i managed to catch up with Jager, i thought i had lost
him, Tamarind is now my target, one at a time. Fight back. Downwind is not
my point of sail, so it was important not to lose to much ground, actually
gained one position now in 5th overall and especially having invested many
miles in going south, which i think is crucial for week ahead.

I have the light patch to go through, which typically is where i pay the
most, so i'll probably drop a bit before the wind head us again and I'm
back onto my strongest point of sail, the beat.

Countries in the making

This morning after placing a new island on the map of the north
atlantic, which i have named Turdistan, i noticed to my dismay that
there is a judicial blockage in the county delivery mechanism, so all
the documentation i had dutifully folded and included seems now stuck
and no further countries can be safely be created without an inquiry in
the matter. As with all inquiries, it is a very unpopular dirty job, but
someone has to do it, to finally free the system from the stinking cause
at the route of this issue.
i'll leave it till later.

current position.

U bolt failure

The greek, if i remember well from my school days, call it "moira zeon", a punishment inflicted by the gods to humans that committ the sin of "ubris" i.e. believing they can be happier and better than the gods. i must have had a lot of that in me today, sailing free towards the start of the race, windy but just so good.


Here we are, some 20 miles south east of Portland bill, the tide has now
turned against me and the progress is slow, it will be another 4 hours
before it turns again and it pushes me in the right direction. Aboard
everything is fine, apart from the boat GPS that somehow has decided
that there are in fact no satellites in the sky. It's not a big issue at
all but it would have been nice to have the AIS working if i decide to
press on tonight (the AIS needs the Gps input to know where you are in
relation to other boats so it can plot them on the small screen and
help you avoid them).

I'm off. I left Cowes this morning at 4.

I'm off.
I left Cowes this morning at 4.15 and two hours later i'm clearing the Needles.
The tide is with me and we're moving very fast in a brisk 25 knots of wind. The wind is set to increase later so i'm not sure if i'll stop go dartmouth or press on, we'll see.
Well, finally we're off.

Ready to go

I spent the weekend doing the last few odd jobs on the boat and had a chance to go out and take a few picures in the Solent, at 30+ knots I had 3 reefs in the main and the number 4 rather than a nice colourful kite but it was a nice chance to check that all the heavy weather gear was in order before setting off for the bluQube Solo 1000... Wednesday I'll leave Cowes heading for Mylor and I'm feeling ready to go.


British Beagle

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